Avengers assemble take 3: Selfies for Strat

“It’s time to call for backup!”



Team #CapForStrat, you have been doing such a wonderful job of cheering on dad and requesting encouraging selfies from the Marvel actors for him. Such a great job, in fact, that the lovely Mark Ruffalo aka The Incredible Hulk sent us a picture and message for dad this morning. We are beyond thrilled! Dad was having a rough morning at the hospital, so we went in to see him and told him about what we’ve been up to.

Mark Ruffalo Incredible Hulk Marvel CapForStrat selfie for Strat

Mark Ruffalo Incredible Hulk Marvel CapForStrat selfie for Strat

This is kind of how we all felt this morning:


Dad said that seeing Mark Ruffalo and his message of support felt like a dream. He has always loved the character of the Hulk, and in fact the Hulk might as well be the superhero for cancer patients; he was exposed to too much radiation, and his superpower/giant green problem is due to his cells multiplying out of control. Banner’s efforts to find a cure are a poignant parallel to our efforts to find a cure for prostate cancer over the past few years.

We’re going to keep tweeting and instagramming the Marvel actors to see if we can assemble a few more heroes for dad over the next few days. If you want to, why not take a selfie for Strat holding a sign to let the actors know what we’d like them to do? And if you’d rather not have a picture of yourself, you can just do a sign. If you don’t have Twitter or Instagram, you can email me your pictures at sophiecaldecott@hotmail.com and I will save them to print out in a massive collage of love and support for dad.

All you need to do a selfie for Strat is:

1. 5 minutes or so of spare time

2. a pen

3. something to write on (paper, coffee cup, paper napkin – you name it!)

4. a phone/camera

And hey, even if none of the other Marvel actors send us their pictures, I’ll print out YOUR pictures of support and dad will love them!

Small acts of kindness quote

While we are at it, let’s encourage all the men in our lives, especially the ones over 50, to be aware of the signs of prostate cancer, and to request a test for it if they ever suspect something is up. Since starting this campaign for dad, several friends have told me their dads also got diagnosed late, so I know I don’t just speak for my family when I say that most of us really aren’t aware of what prostate cancer looks like till it is pretty advanced.

So much love and gratitude,

Sophie x

nurse for Strat CapForStrat prostate cancer Avengers Marvel

Dad’s favourite nurse helping the cause (in more than one way!) earlier today.


17 thoughts on “Avengers assemble take 3: Selfies for Strat

  1. Laura Anne says:

    Hi Sophie, you don’t know me, but I’m a friend of Jo’s and I remember you giving a recipe of yours for a recipe book I was putting together to raise money for charity years ago which I so appreciated. Going to try and spread the #capforstrat message…much love to your family – especially your Dad.

    • Sophie Caldecott says:

      Awh, thanks! Yes, I remember – that recipe is one of my favourites, in fact it’s currently the only other thing I’ve had time to put on this new blog 🙂 Thanks for your support!x

  2. Frances says:

    If my grandnephew Austin can beat cancer, and he did, so can you. Here is a real super hero to help you battle your foe, I send the archangel Michael to help you in your fight. He battles it all for you. Member of the Chris Evans Fan Club

  3. samebirthdaygirl says:

    Glad you’re doing this. I lost 4 relatives to cancer (same side of the family, different forms of cancer) in the space of 6 months back in 2011 so I know how it feels.

    Not going to lie, I kind of wish they did this for us Filipinos back in #HaiyanPH/#YolandaPH because we could still really use this, but I’m glad they have been mobilised for a great cause all the same 🙂

    • Sophie Caldecott says:

      Oh I’m so sorry to hear that, cancer sucks so much. Hugs to you, friend. I know, I feel bad that I managed to get this for dad but so many others would have liked something similar. I think it’s just something about the fact that it went so viral, it would have been hard to ignore. And I’m hoping that if this can all be about the wider cause of cancer awareness and giving people hope in hard times, then it will help other people than just our family. Sending you love!

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