What a week

CapForStrat prostate cancer awareness

You are not alone CapForStrat

If we take anything away from all of this, let it be that the world can be a good and gentle place, despite what we often hear to the contrary, and that the kindness of strangers is very real. To all those suffering now, please remember that you are not alone.

PS I will, of course, let you all know how the screening of The Winter Soldier goes – you made it possible for dad to see it, after all!

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22 thoughts on “What a week

  1. Jessica Scott says:

    In 1994, my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer which then developed into bone cancer as well. Last November I lost my father to pancreatic cancer. It’s a terrible thing to have to go through from all sides. You are in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂

    “Cancer comes in every color”
    ~ColorCancer (http://colorcancer.org/)

    • Sophie Caldecott says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that, Jessica. Thanks so much for you support, and for linking to that great organisation. I’d never heard of it before, so I’ll look into it more now 🙂 Thanks again, sending you love!

  2. Travis Buchanan says:

    Dear Sophie,

    I wanted to pass along a picture we snapped of our son Justus this morning. He is five and a fan of both superheros and Tolkien, so we had him hold up a copy of your dad’s book on the spiritual vision in Tolkien’s books and his Captain America shield he has, along with his sign, of course. I am a PhD student in divinity at the University of St Andrews, and am friends with two mutual acquaintances from Oxford–David Baird and Cole Matson–and have corresponded once with your father over Facebook about a paper he gave on Tolkien and death last June in Oxford. I have only begun reading your dad’s work this year (mainly on beauty in education) but it has been very influential on my own philosophy of teaching and learning that I am developing as I prepare to hopefully teach at a university next year.

    Let me know if the link to my wife’s instagram account doesn’t work.

    Also, we had Justus pray for your father this morning, and we will continue to remember you all in our prayers.


    Travis on behalf of the Buchanans

  3. Sophie Caldecott says:

    Wowee for Thor and Iron Man – we are totally thrilled!

    Guys, I have to thank you for being wonderful human beings. This isn’t about celebrity, it’s about an amazing community forming to create a little bit of hope and light in a dark time. YOU are wonderful!

    • Annika-Leia (@StormXPadme) says:

      Whatever can be done to make this time a little easier and lighter for you. Wrote you a short mail today about it: I’ve been there not too long ago, that’s why this story gets to me so much. In putting it out in the open, with our Marvel heroes catching people’s eye, I do hope that our common goal to raise awareness and help people gets a little closer.

      • Annika-Leia (@StormXPadme) says:

        Also Tom Hiddleston posted another one just in case, he was worried the first one didn’t get through.

        It’s just wonderful to see how important this is to these people.

      • Sophie Caldecott says:

        Thanks so much, Annika-Leia – you’ve been such a kind voice of support throughout the past week and a half, I feel like we’ve ‘touched souls’. All the best to you, friend!

  4. Christopher Walker says:

    As a person who has watched his mom lose her battle with ovarian cancer on 09/17/1989. I would like to say you don’t have to be humble about this it is a big deal and your dad deserved it! Please enjoy the spotlight and time with your dad the story about what you did helped me in a tough week since in the U.S. mother’s day was this past Sunday.

    • Sophie Caldecott says:

      Dear Christopher, thank you so much for your kind message. I’m so sorry about your mother – there are absolutely no words adequate to describe the pain of a loss of someone you love. Please know I’m thinking of you and wishing you well.

      • Rick Parrott says:

        Greetings, Sophie and Strat, I’m Rick Parrott/California, sending you best wishes and support from one lifelong comic book fan to another–especially re: Marvel. I hope the outpouring of affection all over the world, especially from the comic book fanboys and girls of all ages brings comfort and and a feeling of camaraderie to you both, especially Strat.

        Personal mesage to Mr. Stratford Caldecott, we’re about the same age–if memory serves my first Marvel comics buy was a Tales of Suspense with Capt. America and Iron Man for 12 cents in the ’60s. Glad for both of us that our generation saw comics go from colorful newsprint books with staples to the giant mega media entertainment of today. Little did we know where it would all lead and you and your fandom have been part of it.

        So here is a personal greeting to my fellow comics fan, formed from the pages of The Mighty Thor #168 Sept 1969, The Hammer Strikes, Letters to the Editor page–titles of Marveldom section.

        “Know ye these, the hallowed ranks of Marveldom. It is declared Stratford Caldecott is F.F.F. (Fearless Front-Facer)-an honorary title bestowed for devotion to Marvel above and beyond the call of duty.” — from Rick’s Soapbox with thanks to Stan Lee.

        Glad to take part in this special greeting. For Sophie and Strat, “Make Mine Marvel !! ”

        Best wishes and regards, Rick, R.F.O, K.O.F. in Marveldom.

  5. Adria's RomReviews (@adria_r) says:

    Hi Sophie! I know you’ve been getting a lot of love and support from a lot of people and I just wanted to add mine! Your dad is such a lucky man, not just because he’s gotten shout outs from some of the best celebs out there but because he has YOU for a daughter. To start something like this out of love for your father says so much about you as a person.

    I pray for your father and I pray that you will always know love and friendship like what you have shown your father.

    • Sophie Caldecott says:

      Thank you! I’ve been humbled by people’s reaction – I wasn’t thinking about that when I started this, I was just trying to cheer dad up. He’s not one for lots of attention, and celebrity doesn’t mean much to him, but the characters that these actors play symbolise a lot to him and have inspired us through difficult times. Each new photo has stunned him and brightened up his day, and that’s all I wanted to achieve. Now we can imagine that he has his favourite superheroes are assembled around him ready to help him fight through the tough time ahead. Thank you so much for your kindness, love and prayers back to you!

  6. flootzavut says:

    I’m so glad he’s going to get to see the movie. Thinking of you, your dad and your family, Sophie. I lost my dad a decade ago after a long struggle with MS. I don’t have much to offer in the way of words, I’m just glad that you got the photos and encouragement, and that your dad gets to see the movie, and I hope people will respect your need for privacy, too.

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