Photograph by Rose-Marie Caldecott

It was unsatisfactory, they agreed, how little one knew people. But she said, sitting on the bus going up Shaftesbury Avenue, she felt herself everywhere; not ‘here, here, here’; and she tapped the back of the seat; but everywhere. She waved her hand, going up Shaftesbury Avenue. She was all that. So that to know her, or any one, one must seek out the people who completed them; even the places.” 

Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf

Hello, and welcome to my little part of the Internet. You’ll find my tastes and interests (and therefore what I write about here) to be pretty eclectic; I love food, so I share my favourite tried-and-tested recipes, as well as my musings on parenting, literature, feminism, how to be happy, how to save the world… There is no particular rhyme or reason to what I write about in this space, except for that it’s guided by what’s going on in my life at the moment, and what I’m find interesting and useful.

I have an insatiable sweet tooth (my weakness is dark chocolate salted caramel), an unrequited love for Paris (Paris is heartbreakingly indifferent to me), an over-active imagination, and a whole load of good intentions that I don’t act on often enough. I would always rather over-communicate than under-communicate, be too keen rather than not keen enough. I’m a waver, not a nodder (unless my hands are full, in which case I’ll probably attempt an embarrassing full body wave). I like people who are genuine and warm, who are honest and curious and who care more about who they’re talking to than whether or not they are acting cool. Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is basically my ideal man.

My happy places include, but are not limited to: Café Hugo in the Place des Vosges, the bluebell woods in Durham in early May, the many beaches, mountains, hill towns, and villas of Italian family holidays past, the Plitvice National Park in Croatia, the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, a window seat in the lower reading room of the Radcliffe Camera, and a punt on a sunny Oxford river.

I’ve been a writer ever since I could scribble, penning a lot of cringe-worthy rips offs of Keats poetry and Tolkien fantasy epics (at the age of thirteen I had a fantasy trilogy planned and partially written), before growing up, taking an undergraduate degree in English Literature at Durham, and then heading to London to do a Masters in Magazine Journalism at City University.

I’m a freelance journalist, and one day soon I’d like to write my first ‘proper’ novel (i.e. not written in a W. H. Smith ring-bound notebook with illustrations by my big sister… no offence, Tess – your illustrations were always great). I write when I can for publications that I like, trying to be at least a small part of making the women’s magazine industry a more likeable, positive, and inspiring place (see my portfolio page for more information).

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