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“So what do you write about, then?”

Why is that question so hard to answer? Probably because over the years I have written about anything and everything, from art, travel, fashion, literature, sustainable living, and social justice, to food and entertainment. I’m fascinated by culture seen through the lens of Beauty, Truth, Freedom, and Love, and driven to explore my place within society as a woman who loves the written word and wants to change the world for the better.

I have contributed work to a whole variety of different publications both in print and online, including Aestheticathe TelegraphVerilyDarling, Clementine Daily, PYLOTStyle & Then Some, and Daisy Green. In 2011 I was a section editor for the Ethical Fashion Forum’s online magazine, and since then have had various day jobs, including a role in marketing and research for the charity consultancy, Oxford HR.

As well as being headline writer for Verily, I am also Founder & Editor-in-Chief of a new ethical lifestyle website, A Better Place Journal. Stay in touch via our Instagram and Facebook page, if you’re interested!

3 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Sally Crippen says:

    Hey Sophie!

    I’m a friend of Sam Van Dyke and we met once or twice last year when my husband and I lived in Oxford. Do you have a personal email address at which I might contact you about a couple things? Thanks!

    Best wishes,
    Sally Crippen

  2. Anna Murphy says:

    Hi Sophie ,
    I have stumbled on your website , but have spent several hours now reading your work and learning about you …….
    I realise that it is your father but I feel so close in that i am 60 , like your mother …..i have lost my husband in 2014 August of pancreatic cancer and I have been comforted by your words about gardens.
    I just want to tell you I know how you feel , no words can describe how cheated one feels that they are taken away from us so early …………… I am so happy that you have your husband and child. Love them and live for them ……………… Anna

    • Sophie Caldecott says:

      Anna, thank you so much for taking the time to send me this message – I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, and am glad that you found my reflection on gardens comforting. Sending much love to you. We are united through our common experience and feeling!

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